Akshay L Chandra


Hi! I am an M.Sc. Computer Science student at the University of Freiburg. Currently, I work as a Student Research Assistant on robot manipulation problems at Uni-Freiburg’s Robot Learning Lab, which Prof Dr. Abhinav Valada leads. I spend most of my days in the lab trying to better define, learn, sequence, and refine robot “skills”, supervised by Iman Nematollahi and Dr. Tim Welschehold. Specifically, I use reinforcement learning to guide geometry-aware motion models to perform long-horizon manipulation tasks. My current interests are in the intersection of robot and deep reinforcement learning.

Earlier, I was a research assistant at Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian’s Machine Learning and Vision (MLV) research group at IIT Hyderabad for nearly three years, mainly working on deep active learning for image data. During my time at IIT Hyderabad, I also frequently collaborated with Dr. Wei Guo at the Field Phenomics Lab (University of Tokyo) and worked on several plant phenotyping solutions.