Akshay L Chandra


Hi! I am an M.Sc. Computer Science student at the University of Freiburg, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Currently, I am working as a Student Research Assistant on robot manipulation problems, supervised by Iman Nematollahi and Prof. Dr. Abhinav Valada at the Uni-Freiburg’s Robot Learning Lab. Most of my days in the lab are spent trying to better define, learn, sequence, and refine robot “skills”. Boradly speaking, my current interests are in the intersection of robot and deep reinforcement learning.

Earlier, I was a research assistant at Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian’s Machine Learning and Vision (MLV) research group at IIT Hyderabad for nearly 3 years, mainly working on deep active learning for image data. During my time at IIT Hyderabad, I also frequently collaborated with Dr. Wei Guo at the Field Phenomics Lab (University of Tokyo) and worked on several plant phenotyping solutions.