Akshay L Chandra bio photo

Akshay L Chandra

Research Assistant at
Indian Institute Of Technology Hyderabad
Kandi, Sangareddy.


Hi! I am a research assistant at Prof. Vineeth N Balasubramanian’s research group Lab1055 at IIT Hyderabad, mainly working on deep active learning for image data. My interests are in the intersection of computer vision and learning with limited labeled data. I am also frequently collaborating with Prof. Wei Guo at Field Phenomics Lab (UTokyo) while working on plant phenotyping solutions.

Before joining Dr. Vineeth’s group in December 2018, I spent 16 months working on machine learning and data science projects at GGK Technologies, a service-based company in Hyderabad. At GGK Technologies, I spent most of my time learning, implementing, and optimizing various machine learning/deep learning pipelines for clients in US health care and retail domains.

I completed my undergraduate from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univeristy affiliated college Keshav Memorial Institute Of Technology in 2017. I also got myself a PG Diploma in Applied Statistics from open university IGNOU in 2018.


[Nov. 2020] Our work, On Initial Pools for Deep Active Learning is accepted at Preregistration Workshop at Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NeurIPS'20).
[Aug. 2020] Our toolkit, EasyRFP: An Easy-to-Use Edge Computing Toolkit for Real-Time Field Phenotyping is accepted as an extended abstract at Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping Workshop (CVPPPW-ECCV) and as an academic demostration at European Conference on Computer Vision, 2020 (ECCV'20).
[Jul. 2020] Served as a subreviewer for Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NeurIPS'20) and as a reviewer for Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping Workshop (CVPPPW-ECCV).
[May. 2020] Served as a subreviewer for European Conference on Computer Vision, 2020 (ECCV'20).
[Mar. 2020] Our survey article, Computer Vision with Deep Learning for Plant Phenotyping in Agriculture is now available on Advanced Computing & Communications (ACC), a quarterly publication of ACCS, India.
[Feb. 2020] Our paper, Active Learning with Point Supervision for Cost-Effective Panicle Detection in Cereal Crops, has been accepted to BMC Plant Methods journal. [Impact Factor: 4.5]
[Dec. 2018] Delighted to have received the Intel® Edge AI Scholarship at Udacity.
[Oct. 2019] Served as a subreviewer for SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2020 (SDM'20).
[Sep. 2019] Completed writing a tutorial series (6 articles) on how neural networks "learn". Check out Learning Parameters series on Medium.
[July 2019] Our paper, An Adaptive Supervision for Active Learning in Object Detection, has been accepted to British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC'19) as a poster presentation
[Apr. 2019] Released an easy-to-use python library, Image Bounding Box Slicer that slices images and their bounding box annotations into tiles, both into specific sizes and into any arbitrary number of equal parts.
[Dec. 2018] Joined Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian's research group at IIT-Hyderabad.
[Dec. 2019] Delighted to have received the PyTorch Scholarship from Facebook at Udacity.
[Oct. 2018] Released code for the HCI application Mouse Cursor Control With Facial Movements on Github.
[Aug. 2018] Received Employee-Of-The-Month award at GGK Technologies for building a Computer Vision application that detects product pickups in a retail store and provides other customer behaviour metrics, from just the CCTV footage.
[June 2018] Received PG Diploma in Applied Statistics from the open university IGNOU with 85% score.


IIT Hyderabad
GGK Technologies
JNTU Hyderabad (KMIT)

Udacity Computer Vision Reviewer
PGD in Applied Statistics
Polycom Research
Summer 2016