At the moment, my research interests broadly lie in the fields of robot learning and deep reinforcement learning. *Equal Contribution


  1. How Useful Is Image-Based Active Learning for Plant Organ Segmentation?
    Shivangana Rawat, Akshay L Chandra, Sai Vikas Desai, Vineeth N Balasubramanian, Seishi Ninomiya, and Wei Guo
    Plant Phenomics, Feb 2022


  1. On Initial Pools for Deep Active Learning
    Akshay L Chandra*, Sai Vikas Desai*, Chaitanya Devaguptapu*, and Vineeth N. Balasubramanian
    NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on Pre-registration in Machine Learning, Dec 2021


  1. Active Learning with Point Supervision for Cost-Effective Panicle Detection in Cereal Crops
    Akshay L Chandra*, Sai Vikas Desai*, Vineeth N Balasubramanian, Seishi Ninomiya, and Wei. Guo
    Plant Methods (BioMed Central), Mar 2020
  2. EasyRFP: An Easy to Use Edge Computing Toolkit for Real-Time Field Phenotyping
    Akshay L Chandra*, Sai Vikas Desai*, Hirafuji Masayuki, Seishi Ninomiya, Vineeth N Balasubramanian, and Wei. Guo
    Extended Abstract at CVPPP & ECCV Academic Demonstrations, Aug 2020


  1. An Adaptive Supervision Framework for Active Learning in Object Detection
    Sai Vikas Desai*, Akshay L Chandra*, Wei Guo, Seishi Ninomiya, and Vineeth N Balasubramanian
    British Machine Vision Conference, Aug 2019